Perpetual network licenses?

We have a mix of network licenses and single-user user licenses so that our heavy SketchUp users always have a license (single-user) but the 40 other people in our office can open and work on SketchUp projects as needed.

With the move to subscription, the network license option is going away. The press release said that you will be able to use your perpetual licenses into perpetuity. Since license verification for perpetual licenses is hosted by Trimble, that implies that Trimble will maintain their license servers for both perpetual single-user and network licenses into perpetuity. Either that or it will stop requiring verification at some point (Adobe did this with CS2 a number of years ago).

Has anyone confirmed this with Trimble? Will both network and single-user license types continue to work after the transition?

I think I know the answer, but @ChrisDizon could be a better person to give a reassuring statement.

They will also have to maintain their servers for Subscription, so it will continu to check both database‘s, as it does all ready for the last 1~2 years, since Subscription started.

Network version is perpetual, there are companies that stil use 2015 version, for that matter. Maintaining a network license costs about 1,5 x the price of a single Sub.

There should be an option for companies to buy Seats and not assign them to individuals specifically, but on the companies domain.