License Difference Network/single user


I have a confuseing regarding hte network license. Please correct me.
If i install it into my server and more then 1 user can use it at the same time the same network license? or it would be for a single user at one time.


Single license: Basically, 1 user can use it on one computer.
Network license: Basically, any user who has installed SketcUp using the serial number can use it, but only one user per license at a time. Network licenses use Trimble’s servers to authorize.


The SUP network license is available from 10 seats (inital purchase, ask local reseller for less seats).

You do not install anything on your local server, every running SUP seat does directly communicate periodically with the Trimble license server ( w/ ports #5053/50530 open). A network seat can be checked out for offline use for 7 days (default; other runtimes by request on purchase).

• SketchUp Help Center : Administering a Network License


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