Disable "Check-Out"

Is it possible to disable the option “Check-out license” in the license dialogue?

Did you follow these instructions?

Are you referring to the action “Remove License”?

LIke @eneroth3 I wonder if choice of words has hidden your real question. Is your concern to prevent users from tampering with the license info?

It is about the ‘borrowing’ of a license offline. The help page goes blank:
I am not sure if there is a tag which you can put in the activation_info.txt file to turn it on or off
@sketch3d_de ?

No. My intention is to prevent users from “borrowing” licenses for offline usage (it would make no sense, because the machines are immobile).

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Yes, but I don’t see where these instructions refer to the question I asked?

My aim is that the users are able to activate a license (while they are working with SU) and release it again automatically when they quit the program; but they should not be able to “borrow” a license (so that it will be “locked” in a specific machine, even if the program is not active).

not that I know of, you can define the license checkout time period (default: 7 days) ordering the network license (at least the commercial version).

As a ‘workaround’ you may want try to search and remove the option from the HTML/JS of the license dialog manually (do a right-click in the dialog…).

If they quit ([File]>Exit) the activation becomes ‘available’ for others. Which is why they need to be connected all the time.

Except when the license is “borrowed”. Then it will be reserved to the actual computer for the set time, and it will work there even offline.

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