How to - Sketchup Pro license checkout for offline use of 2 years

Can anyone help guide as to how to do a license checkout from my Subscription pool the following:

  1. Sketchup Pro
  2. for offline use of 2 years
  3. my current role as Company Admin

You can’t checkout subscription licenses at all.
They will however work offline for 28 days at a time

I think that at least previously SketchUp has had a way of helping customers with this dilemma, but you have to contact them directly. I also see that even the 2023 version still has the option of activating a Classic license, even if they are no longer for sale.

The “classic” option is what is used for educational lab licenses

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kinda get that. but the 2 years project once started will not be allowed to have network access due to the security requirement. even VPN is not allowed.

I guessed as much. just hoping that I could convert my spare subscription to that of 2 years Classic just for this project. and then convert them back to Subscription once the project’s over.

You have to file a support request with SketchUp. And don’t tell us more on a public forum…

Thank you for the advise. I’m now in discussion with Trimble support on the matter.