Disable Check out license for offline use... button?

I am an IT admin for a school that recently started using a Sketchup Pro 2021 network license.
The problem i am facing is that students can use the “Check out license for offline use…” button.
This causes one of our 10 licenses to be dedicated to a single computer for 7 days.

Is there a possibility to disable the whole “Licensing” window for the network license?
Or set a config/json file to read only so the check out button doesn’t function?

I would really appreciate the assistance.

Haha! those teenagers think they know a lot, don’t they?
Normally, the checkout time is set when the order is processed, you cannot alter it afterwards.

But, there are ways:

Try editing the welcome screen html:

C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2021\Resources\en-US\welcomescreen

remove the button and hit anyone trying to do it again…