SketchUp Cloud-Based Network License Server Console?

Hey, everyone. I’m the OP on this thread (yea, from way back in 2014!). Don’t know why no one from SU is mentioning this, but there is a Network Admin Reports url you can check your licenses at. There’s even documentation here: The actual admin site url is: You need to have a Trimble ID using the same email address that your network license is registered to.

FYI, it’s not great as it’s basically a log of licenses coming and going with no distinction between sketchup.exe and layout.exe etc, nor multiple uses on the same PC, but at least now you can find out who’s got something open.

One thing is seriously needs is a simple "Current License in Use:’ field right below the "Concurrent Seats (Max):’ field.

Anyway, Cheers at last.