How install SketchUp 2019 on mac for all users?

We have a mac which is used by several interns. The license is there, but when we add another user on the mac as we should, sketchup comes up as unlicensed, where with other users it is ok.
How do we get sketchup to use this seat for all users on that machine?

I assume you would have to enter license information for each user, since each user is essentially its own workspace, separate from the others.

The other concern is that licenses are for one user on a maximum of two machines, not for multiple users on a single machine. You may be breaking the terms of the license agreement by doing this, but don’t take my word for it.

Which, if this licensing model would be true would be a huge malfunction in any office with switching occupancy. A license is never used twice, we make sure it is not, but buying two licenses for one computer to us seem completely ludicrous and a waste of money.
We have one windows rendercomputer which will have four users-interns, who all use the same set of sketchup. Which is as it should be.
But for security reasons, one would want them to have their own useraccount on that machine. hmmm.

There are multi-seat licenses available for offices that have multiple users like you do.

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It is true, and it’s by design, as it should be. But as DaveR has stated, there are multi-seat licenses for your particular situation, which it sounds like you should be using. I am not an authority in any way, shape or form.

@colin may be able to direct you to the right Trimble person to address your license needs.

Networklicenses are extremely overpriced and offer the options of the subscription model, which we simply do not need. We have all ‘old’ sketchup licenses which offer all functionality we need. Trimble seems to have added unnecessary complexity and cost, which all American companies seem to be so good at these days (autodesk, Adobe).
We’ll find a reasonable working set.

It would be inconvenient but possible to remove the license as one user stops using that computer, and the next user adds the license. It may seem like bending the rules a bit, but it’s not uncommon for large companies to have a lot of licenses that the IT manager assigns to different users. At any one time the license is only being used by a single user.

A more convenient solution would be to give you an offline license. Those can work with different users on the same machine.

I’ll talk to my managers about this, and see if that would be a good solution in your case. I will start an email exchange with you.

Tx. The licensing model ‘peruser’ is an open invitation for creativity. We often have two interns who hop inbetween machines several times to get work done. Moving several (classic) licenses around is unwanted hassle, which we simply do not want. We have a business to run where everything must be smooth and fast. Switching five or more times a day will not do.
Seeing forward to a solution which does work.

I was just contemplating making multiple user accounts for myself to solve the issues of dual screens at my desk / one screen on the road. I guess that won’t work because of this licensing thing? In my case, it’s all me (single user) but multiple user accounts in order to quickly change preference files.

They seem to have a workaround where licenses are machine-dedicated. Just like Vectorworks does. Lets hope this becomes a standard option.

To be honest, I don’t think any solution will be satisfying.
As authorized Distributor we are bound by the contract we’ve signed, and need to reach targets. Sometimes, we need to dissatisfy clients, because our hands are tied. We have asked for ‘intern’ licenses, many times. And so we tell our clients to obey the rules, as well to be compliant.

‘Well, we just download and use Make!’ is what we hear in reply…

The roadmap is heading for a version-less version. That being said, the Make version is still on the download page.

We do not have an IT-person in our small studio and we certainly would not want one to waste his time with juggling licenses. I have the impression Trimble is keeping itself deaf to a workable licensing model. It is not helping towards a positive businessimage for Trimble, but I doubt they would care. In a private mail they seem to have a workaround along macadresses, but its not in the public domain… And Make? Its not suitable for (our) production. So why is Trimble ignoring this problem? Our focus is customersatisfaction. Period. Trimble is not helping here, where my emailbox tells me I am not the only one with a better workable requirement.

We as a studio hate the reseller-model big time, (for many products where too many inbetweens are siphoning off large sums, like furniture) because it means added cost along the line and hassle along the way.

Well, there is now. The subscription model has the ability to assign different email’s or Trimble ID’s. Or have your interns log in to start their trial.

The end customer would still be paying the same amount, you can ‘cut out the middle man’ but I don’t think Trimble will reduce the price.