Sketchup Pro Free Trial.. Not emailing license code

Does anyone know how to make the sketchup pro free 30 day trial to work? Can’t find the license serial code.

The free trial works without a “license serial code”. The only reason you would need or get a serial number and license key is if you want and buy the pro version.

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It says after downloading and opening, that the free trial has expired even though I haven’t used it yet. Would a different email work?

That is odd. It should not be doing that. Have you downloaded SketchUp before? That can cause this to happen sometimes. Also, changing the date on your computer can cause this to happen. If you really need the pro version I can see if I can find a fix for you. To find the fix, more info would be helpful. What version of SketchUp Pro are you using (2015, 2016, etc.), what OS are you using (your profile says mac, but what version of the mac OS?) and did you download SketchUp from the official site or a different site?

In the meantime, SketchUp make is, as always free and ready to download if you need to start using SketchUp for your projects and can’t wait for the issue to be resolved.