Sketchup Pro for Mac - Best Folder Organization Methods

Trying to get take my sketchup organization game up a level. Tired of seeing files everywhere on my computer and various cloud storage sites. Searched the forums for something about folder organization and couldn’t find anything.

Currently have Trimble Connect, iCloud, Offsite NAS, and M1 MacBook Pro (1TB SSD)

Have been using the offsite NAS for a few years when it was in my studio. Have been traveling for 6 months now and the lag times for loading files have been untenable.

So my question is two fold.

1 - Is Trimble Connect the best place for me to be storing my project files?
2 - What is the best folder structure for storing Sketchup working files (component libraries, materials, styles, fonts, ect.)? Asking about where to store them and if there are Pro level methods for naming and organization?

Check this thread for ideas:

Thanks Mike!