Recommendations for Organizing SketchUp Files, Textures, Components, Libraries, etc


Anyone have any suggestions for how to organize their SketchUp related files?

I’ve always just saved whatever I’m working on in the Desktop, then when I’m done created a folder for that project and stuck everything related to the project into it, then eventually I move the folder into some other folder and don’t think about it until I need it next at which point I find it through Finder.

I recently got a texture library with a TON of textures in it that I’m going to want ongoing easy access to and I’m thinking it’s probably a good time to rethink how I’ve been saving my models as well.

Do people normally store this stuff in the user library? I feel like I have a SketchUp component library somewhere too, but I have no idea where it’s located.

Looking for best practices and recommendations from anyone interested in sharing!


For the projects I do for clients, I have a master folder with the client’s name. Then I create sub-folders for each project. When I make the first save of the SketchUp file for a new project, I create a new folder in the client’s directory. Any supporting files such as spreadsheets, images, and text files get saved to that folder as well. Then, when I create the LayOut project, it automatically gets saved into the same folder. No moving files after they’ve been created so no risk of breaking links to references.

As for textures and components used in models, they go into sub folders in the appropriate Materials or Components folder in the user application support folder so they are available for future projects. I don’t want to have to remember which project I last used that component or texture in. The sub-folders for components and materials are named by the kinds of things they contain, i.e. Hinges, Knobs, Cherry, Teak, or White Oak.


Where is the user application support folder? Macintosh HD ->Users -> User XX -> create/place Materials folder?


I don’t have access to my Mac so this is from memory. Use/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/Materials. I forget at the moment but it may be a normally hidden folder so you would need to make it visible. I unhid all the hidden folders long ago.


My own filing system is very much like @DaveR’s. Pretty much as soon as I get a new project, I create a folder for it. Depending on how full that folder gets, I create sub-folders. I often separate out SU files from LO files in separate folders as I find navigating them all can be confusing, especially when you have backup files in there too.

He was almost right but left out the Library folder after User. That folder is hidden by default. Like Dave, I also unhid all my files long ago.