SketchUp Pro doesn't start up


After making first drawning, program doesn’t start up again.


No error message, nothing happens. What to do for start up?


Uninstall,reinstall ?



Ik heb ondertussen al 30 keer verwijderd en opnieuw geinstalleerd,tot op heden werkt sketchup pro nog steeds niet,alle drivers videokaart zijn up to date.

kan het programma een keer open,en dan loopt het vast?


I have meanwhile been removed and reinstalled 30 times, works to date sketchup pro still not all video card drivers are up to date.

The program can once open, and then it freezes?



I have had once a problem like this and it was about Sketchup going into conflict with another program. It might be your case too. It can help you find out if you stop all the applications and then start Sketchup.
Did it ran before ? Do you have any recent installed program/application ?

What OS do you have ?
This might give you a heads up

  • platform (MacOS/Windows)?
  • operating system?
    • 64/32-Bit?
  • SU version?
  • 64/32-Bit?
  • graphics card?
    • driver version?

does disabling “Window > Preferences > OpenGL > Use Hardware Acceleration” help?