Initial Start up

When I open Sketch up Pro, the application will launch but nothing will happen. I get a blank green screen. This happens when opening an existing file or a new file. I cannot see axis or any structure at all. There is no error message associated with this either. Very confused.

We’ve seen this sort of report from others recently. Most likely it is due to your inadequate graphics card and bad graphics drivers. With SketchUp open, click on Window>Preferences>OpenGL. Then untick the box for Use Fast Feedback. Does this change anything?

Go to the Intel site directly, download and install the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Also, make sure you installed SketchUp correctly. To make sure it is installed correctly, under your normal login, right click on the downloaded SketchUp installer file, choose Run as administrator. Then select the Repair option.

That did it. Ive been using the app on this computer for about 10 months now with no issues. Any ideal why this would come up now? Thanks for your help also.

Probably because Microsoft pushed drivers for your Intel graphics card that were broken. They seem to have a habit of doing that. Integrated Intel graphics adapters are well known for not having good OpenGL support in the first place and aren’t recommended. Microsoft regularly makes it worse.

You’re quite welcome.