License move

I’m moving to a new computer and have downloaded and logged in. When I attempt to open and existing file I’ve created the Sketchup screen is blank white but acts as if I’ve opened my file. Thoughts?

Two thoughts come to mind:

  • did you install by right-clicking the installer and choosing “Run as Administrator”? Any other method, including being logged on as Administrator, can lead to strange errors.
  • Have you checked for driver updates for your graphics adapter? Intel integrated graphics are notorious for flakey support of OpenGL features that SketchUp needs.

I didn’t specifically run as administrator when I installed. I ran the same install steps as I did on my old laptop. This is a completely brand new machine so it should be up to date.

Then SketchUp is not installed correctly. Use Run as administrator.

Usually, only up to date at the time of manufacture. There may well be driver updates since then.

typically an issue with the OpenGL support of the used graphic card driver, update the driver either by using the support tool of the notebook maker or by downloading the latest version from end of March at the intel service pages.

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