Grey Screen


I have an issue where sketchup pro 2019 opens to a grey screen whether I am opening a existing file or new. I have unistalled and reinstalled and it does the same thing. Sketchup pro 2017 still works and I can open older files that way.
This started about 2 weeks ago. Everything worked perfectly before then.


Considering that SketchUp Pro 2019 hasn’t even been released yet, I’d say you’re doing pretty well with it as it is.

Probably due to an update from Microsoft that affected the graphics drivers. In SketchUp, go to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and disable Fast Feedback.

Update your profile with the graphics card in your computer, please.


2019 was a typo. I meant 2018.


I figured as much. My advice is still valid.


AND it worked. many many Thanks…


Have done a profile update.
NOTE: at home (its Sunday morning) i use Sketchup on a laptop with integrated graphics.


Integrated graphics (Intel) is frequently impacted by updates from Microsoft. There are plenty of reports on the forum that illustrate this. It’s unfortunate that the drivers Microsoft pushes often break the Intel graphics OpenGL support. You need to be vigilant.


I will try to be. Cheers


DaveR What do you mean ‘be vigilant’?


I mean pay attention to the updates Microsoft automatically installs on your computer to make sure they don’t break something. According to your profile you have Nvidia graphics as well. Some users report that Windows updates have reset the integrated Intel GPU as the default. If you suddenly see a change in graphic behavior with SketchUp, look at what has changed since the last time you used SketchUp. The most common changes are due to automatic updates.


Thanks Dave


Whoever has this blank screen problem, please fill out this form, as we are trying to collect data on what kind of graphics cards and computers are being affected. Also, the top fixes are at the end of this form, depending on your configuration:


Thank you so much for your post! It saved my day when I have exactly the same grey screen problem after less than one week of happy sketch up use.
Would you mind just giving me a tip on how to ‘update graphics card profile’ please?
Thank you in advance


I asked the original poster to update their forum profile to include the graphics card in their computer. It appears you filled out that information when you signed up. You did get the SketchUp version incorrect and you could fix that.