Sketchup Pro crashes when zooming or rotating model

Sketchup Pro is crashing when I try to rotate or zoom on a model, I’ve run the hardware checkup program and all is good. The model is not large and I’m running 32 gb memory with 2gb dedicated to on-board Intel 4600 graphics card. Can’t go back to SU2016 as model saved in SU17. Any help would be appreciated.

See other threads for possible solutions - it seems probably it’s a problem with the graphics driver.

If you need to have your 2017 model exported back to 2016, either try it yourself without rotating or zooming to cause a crash, or upload it to the 3D warehouse, Dropbox, or some other file sharing site if it is too big for upload directly (>3MB).

I or someone else can convert it for you as a one-off.

If you don’t want to make it public, send me a PM with a link.

PS. Please update your system details - they still say SU2015, and Intel 5000 graphics, not what you have just posted.

Intel Graphics Driver

Save back to an older SU file format by “File > Save as… > Save as Type: …”