Sketchup crashes after trying to export as 3d Autocad Model

I am attempting to export Sketchup model as an Autocad 3D model and it crashes everytime. Any ideas? I am using 2016 Sketchup Pro.

(1) Have you read: User Guide: Importing and Exporting CAD Files

(2) Have you updated to the latest maintenance release M1 for SketchUp 2016 ?
See: SketchUp Application Release Notes

Have done neither. Thank you.

I had updated to newest 2016 Pro, assumed maintenance release is also updated when installed? Still no go: crashes on export.

My bad: had not upgraded, just had the trial version of 2016. So…paying 180.00 for update may fix problem?

@maxdesign, please post the skp file so that one of us can try the export and tell you if the behavior is fixed in SU 2016 M1.

Please purge the file, Open Window>Model Info>Statistics tab and select Purge button, before posting.


Thank you- I purged and it worked! exported to AutoCad. Appreciate advice.