Need Help - Crashing & Export issue

I have a file I’m working on, I began it in SKP2021 then upgraded to SKP22. The first issue I ran into was exporting a .dwg. When I exported it and tried to open in Autocad it only showed a couple fragments of lines. Never found out how to fix but this seems to be a known issue.

To work around it I tried exporting in SKP2021, no issues. It worked fine but…
Now the crashing has begun.
I’m running into the problem that everytime I open Sketchup it opens with a bug splat because the file is crashing every close. I cant get any other files to open up without the possibly corrupt file as well that causes it to crash.

What to do? I think I may have a corrupt file. (important work file)
Sketchup is crashing constantly.
No clear diagnosis on the dwg exporting or crashing.

Lost and frustrated.
can you help?

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