Sketchup desktop crash on export

Recently I have been experiencing instant crashes when trying to export to .dwg format. I have experienced this across multiple drawings, and everytime I do see a crash, it is when trying to export to dwg with a section plane cut. When i restart sketchup and try again often i can get the export, though a few times it took 2-3 attempts, so it does not appear to be consistent.

Sketchup 2024 pro, desktop version
Computer specs are above and beyond
display driver and windows updates are up to date

IT would help if you could share a .skp file that you’ve tried exporting.

Please bring your forum profile up to date. It’s been 8 years.

house.skp (6.6 MB)

2D .dwg or 3D .dwg?

Do these work for you? Both were exported with the Plan scene active and each exported in less than 15 seconds.

house 2D.dwg (144.1 KB)
house 3D.dwg (5.6 MB)

Did you install SketchUp 2024 correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator. If you didn’t or don’t remember, close SketchUp and do so. Then choose the Repair option.

Where are you trying to export the files to? Internal local drive? External drive? Cloud location?


Sketchup was installed correctly. Exported to an internal drive. Both files work fine.My exports that did not crash were very quick as well.
I just started experiencing this a few days ago, maybe the start of the week.It has happened in 2 separate drawings. One was created in sketchup 2021, the other in 2024, but both times it has been when using 2024. I don’t believe there were any system updates done in that time.

I have been able to export some of the plan sections, but it goes like
Crash (no error message, just gone)
Crash (no error message, just gone)
Export, business as usual.
on to another section, fine, then crash. No warning, no bug splats, just gone.

No new extensions installed, though i could have updated one, i dont recall.

It is likely just timeline Gremlins. I only ever experience issues when on a tight deadline.

I did notice looking through my files, i have several .dwl files that have the same file name, and timestamp of when i exported .dwg and crashes…odd

gonna try a full system reboot and see if it persists.

Did a reboot, still crashed.
Downloaded the current skp installer, and repaired. first section exported fine, the second crashed.

I created a new drawing from scratch, I copied the model, and pasted it into the new file. Cut 6 sections in a row in the new file with no issues. no crashes in the new file.

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