SketchUp Pro blank with no menu on free trial. So frustrating

New trial. Installed SketchUp Pro. Rebooted. no menu, just App with nothing to select…

Show us a screenshot.

Why have you installed 2022? A new trial would be 2023.
Is this the second time you have installed the trial?

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ahhh… Should I uninstall 2022 before installing 2023?

Yes. And when you get ready to install SketchUp 2023, right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator.

Ok. Thanks a ton for your quick help!

Intel HD Graphics are not recommended. Check your system against the …

I am having the same problem. I upgraded to Mac OS Monterey so that I could use the 2022 Pro version of Sketchup. Then when I downloaded it I just get a blank page. I have tried to remove and upgrade to the most recent Sketchup but 1. I’m not sure Mac OS Monterey can run it, and; 2. it says my trial has ended. Very frustrating.

Does your system meet the minimum requirements as listed ?

The information in your forum profile is incorrect.

BTW, to see what your graphics are, refer to this topic: