Unable to use Sketchup pro on my free trial

Hi, I was looking to try SketchUp and have got myself into the 7-day trial. However, I have been facing issues since day 1 and have been unable to use the application since then. My SketchUp opens blank all the time and when I go online and check my subscription, I am on my 6th day of the free trial. Can anyone help me and let me know why is this happening?

Why in the world are you using SketchUp 2021? Install the current version and use the trial for that.

Your profile contains nonsense. It is possible that SketchUp 2021 isn’t compatible with the version of MacOS that you are using. Or then you have a popup blocker active that disables the login buttons that should be visible to the right of the login screen.

As was stated earlier, you should be trialing SketchUp 2023. Click here to download and trial the most recent version - https://www.sketchup.com/try-sketchup

Let us know if @TheOnlyAaron’s solution works. From your forum profile we can’t even tell that you are on a Mac, we have to notice the style of the window in your screenshot to deduce that. And we still have no idea what version of macOS you are running nor on what Mac hardware.

As @Anssi pointed out, there are other things that can also lead to windows not filling in, but with so little to go on we can’t tell if they apply.

Are you perhaps using the ‘free’ version of 2021 that is currently available In certain circles?

Thank you for all your suggestions. I uninstalled and reinstalled 2023 version as @TheOnlyAaron suggested and finally its working.

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