Sketchup Pro Annual Plan

Hello, I’m here for the first time for an annual subscription to Sketchup Pro, the problem is that when my Debit card has been entered into my account and I try the checkout process, it works and my Sketchup Pro account is active. and a purchase invoice has been sent to my email. However, when I looked at my bank transaction, it failed because the balance was insufficient. Is what is active temporary or will it last for a year?
and how to cancel the annual subscription? because there are 2 invoices, so there are 2 transactions

You will need to contact Trimble customer support. @colin (who works for SketchUp) may be able to help or to refer you to the right place. Almost none of us on the forum work for SketchUp; we have no access to account information.

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I can’t find you in our system, under your name or email address.

Ask Support to look into the problem. They should hopefully be able to find your orders. Use this form: