SketchUp Pro and Contour ShuttlePRO2

I own a Contour ShuttlePro2 device that I use with my various Adobe products to select tools and move around workspaces. I want to do the same with my SketchUp Pro tool but can’t seem to get the device to work. I’ve downloaded the latest drivers for the Shuttle Pro2 but can seem to get SketchUp Pro to recognize it. Can this feature be added or if it already exists but I haven’t found it yet, can you show me the way?

All the shuttle pro does is emulate combinations of keyboard key strokes and run macros, thus, there is nothing to be done on the sketchup API side to ‘add functionality’ to Sketchup.

The shuttle Pro will work with Sketchup provided you have the correct driver installed.

Having said the above, shuttle pro does not have a ‘native’ set of presets for Sketchup. I had to program the shuttle Pro from scratch using the app installed with the driver. I’d be happy to share my programmed template with you if you like but the keystrokes i have programmed are highly tailored to my own work flow.

It may be a case of you learning how to program your own commands. Plenty of instructional videos on the contour website for this.

Thanks for the help. I attempted to set up my own command on the Shuttle Pro but for some reason they didn’t work. I’m giving this another try this evening. What you told me is what I suspected so I must have done something wrong.