Sketchup performance on MIcrosoft's Surface Pro 3


I have new Surface Pro 3 and have loaded SketchUp Pro 2015 on the device. The keystroke commands do not function. I have to go to the screen to grab the tape measure or pencil etc. Also, in trying to utilize posts that are on this site, I found myself unable to read a referenced post because I am not a member of the SketchUp group in Google and could not figure out how to remedy that.

Steve Cox

Surface Pro 3 to run Sketchup

Realize that those old forums (for when Google owned SketchUp,) have been locked and “retired” …

(1) Sign in to your Google account (create one if needed.)

(2) Use the search bar to find groups (what google calls forums.)

(3) Go to a group and you’ll see a blue “Join group” button.