Is SketchUp Pro not compatible with some Pen tablets?

Alright so I am test driving Sketchup Pro ( been thinking about it for a year now) I do find however I cant seem to find all the tool options I was used to using a way older version. Since I do a lot of texture making and editing I have come to be more comfortable using a Pen tablet vs a mouse, but I am finding that my Waycom Intuos Tablet (drivers are up to date and it works on everything else correctly) don’t seem to be compatible with sketchUp Pro, ( it works with SketchUp8 just fine) so I am baffled. Is there a extension that can be used to make a pen tablet compatible .I use windows 10 my tablet is a Wacom Intuos P S and I just downloaded SketchUP Pro today. Any help would be much appreciated. I should clarify,I can use the tools just fine however my Right Click option ( which contain a lot more options) seems to be disabled only in SketcUp. .as in nothing hapens when I use my right click button on my pen.

I’m on a Mac, so I’m not sure I can be any help. On a Mac the control panel looks like this.

The buttons can be set differently for different applications. I do have the feeling over time, that every time you upgrade to a new version, it’s a gamble whether it will introduce new problems.

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