SketchUp pro 2024 using new Graphics engine crashes with tiny geometry

I was keen on using the new graphics engine. When opening a larger model, SketchUp 2024 crashed already.
I figured out which component it was. Pls see attached sauna (downloaded once from 3D Warehouse).
It contains some almost 0 length geometry.
And this lets SketchUp crash when using the new graphics engine.

Such components are defenitely not well done SketchUp models, but SketchUp should not crash due to this.

Sauna_with_0_length_geometry.skp (106.1 KB)

Beside the Sauna, the model contains a lot of trees and bushes and some of them also cause SketchUp 2024 to crash when using the new graphics engine.
I guess I have to go through each component now and check which component causes issues.

this has never been SU’s cup of tea.

I tried, crash as well, Bugsplat filed under Crash #1166
@colin , here is also apple’s crash report.
crash1166.txt (148.0 KB)

weird thing is, if I open in classic, copy the sauna, ppaste it in a new file, then open in new engine, it’s perfectly fine.
something to do with the specific file maybe ?
(here is the “perfectly fine” file. you’ll have to change style and units.)
Sans titre.skp (178.8 KB)

you have millions of SU users, some use their own models, some use models imported from other softwares that don’t convert well, stuff with tiny lines and faces or too many details.

no matter how long a beta is, you’re bound to find some weird things right from the launch.
it’s the same with video games, you find a lot of bugs at launch because your player pool suddenly grows and many of these players are worse than your testers :slight_smile:

That is interesting, I get the crash as well, even though the model doesn’t claim to have any issues to fix.

We test with a lot of models, many of which are somewhat demanding. The only differences between the classic graphics engine and the new one is that the new one gives a higher frame rate. In the past there were graphical differences sometimes, but by now those are fixed.

Not sure yet what is odd about this file. I will make a bug report about it.

If I open in the old graphics engine, select all, copy, switch to the new graphics engine, New, paste, SketchUp also crashes.

Weird. I have a couple more steps :

open the file with old engine
change engine
quit sketchup
relaunch with new engine
open the new file

I know technically you just need to open a new window to have the new engine but I preferred to relaunch. and I did the copy before switching engines.

The issue is the geometry in the component circeled yellow in the picture below.
You can get to it using SU 2023 (or SU2024 with the classic graphics engine) by editing the component, then “select all”, then de-select the wall sub-component.

The 7 elements are a picture and 6 lines with a length of almost 0.
With “Solid Inspector” you can get rid of the stray lines on the left side.
Then the picture object on the right side is left.

If you copy this from SketchUp 2023 to SketchUp 2024 (using the new graphics engine), SketchUp crashes.
So I assume the main issue is not the tiny edges, but the “empty” picture object.

I agree, the model is not as it should be, but it is difficult to find such tiny unnecessary geometry without knowing what causes SU 2024 with the new graphics engine to crash.

The file itself is bugged, no? Something that shouldn’t have been allowed has been.
It’s not that it’s tiny, it’s nothing.

A 0x0pixel image (impossible)

The one on the right is an image with a size of 0x0 pixels. Not sure why that didn’t bother the old graphics engine.

I’ll add a note to the bug report.

@colin, pls find attached two other components that cause SU2024 to crash in new graphics mode.
I think the issue are “empty” picture objects.

SU2024_crash_plants.skp (1.6 MB)

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sidebar, I really like how after 2-3 crashes with the new engine you get a message telling you SU reverted to opengl.

that way you don’t get stuck in an infinite loop, and you can immediately see if it’s a file problem or an engine problem.

back to the mistery of the empty images. :slight_smile:


The empty pictures are indeed a mistery.

Once I have removed all the empty pictures, I really had the “Woowww” effect.

The new graphics engine is so much faster, it is unbelievable.
When rotating and zoming the model, SketchUp does not switch to the “Wire” mode anymore for complex/heavy components. All movements are done with the full texture visible.
It is as smooth as it can get. :slight_smile:

Thanks SketchUp Team. Great work!

When I open a medium size model created in 2023, orbits and pans are not available and cannot be manipulated.
In some cases, the screen goes black and a force close is required.
It seems to depend on the model type, but I have a feeling that it is a graphics problem as well.
I am using M3 Max with Mac Sonoma 14.4.1.

Yes, I do feel that the processing speed is faster.
I think Layout seems to be faster too!
Thanks for the update.

well you’ll have to share a file somewhere if you want anything close to help. could be GPU, could be the file.
does it open fine if you revert to the old graphics ?

There is another post about a weird visual artifact on M3 macs, could it be related ? no idea