SketchUp Pro 2020 won't load rbe encrypted extensions

I have reinstalled 2020 on my PC as admin and loaded all the extensions via extension manger and Sketchucation everything is working except for fredo6 what am i doing wrong ?
I have done a clean install with uninstalling all left over files are reinstalled many times
but its still wont see Fredo in the window . i know i am doing the right way as i have it working fine on another pc. any help would be appreciated.

Please fill out your profile. Are you using Windows or Mac for the OS? What OS version? The answer is different for both systems.

In what window? What exactly are you expecting to see? Please be specific. Include screen shots to show where you are looking.

I am using Pc with Windows 10 . . as I can’t install the fredo6 library all the fredo6 extensions won’t work.

Hello Dave, i will take some screens shots when i get home tonite.

What are you doing to try to install LibFredo6?

I have been installing from Skectucation through the Skectucation plugin , so it installs through the extension store.

Im not sure what the issue is but its even affecting opening the plugins folder through the windows drop down menu on sketcupcation plugin. it just wont open.

this is the first error I get when I load sketchup 2020 on my pc.

There might be something wrong with your installation.

Find the SketchUp 2020 installer file. Right-click on that and select Run as administrator from the context menu. Provide the admin details as prompted. Select Repair from the initial screen.

Hello Anassi. I have reinstalled as admin and done the repair through the installer. but it’s still won’t load fredo6 or soap skin bubble plugin

My next suspect would be the SoapSkinBubble plugin. It might either be expired or not compatible with version 2020.

I do have soap skin bubble and fredo6 plugins working onmy work Pc with Windows 10 aswell running sketch up 2020. without any issue’s.

The issue is affecting ALL rbe encrypted extensions.
None of the Trimble default extensions are loading as well.

@samvitone Does your username have any special Unicode characters in it?

Just as a test, create a new user profile on your problem machine, and log into that profile, and see if SU2020 will start and load the 4 default Trimble extensions. (Use a simple name with normal characters like “Test” etc.)

And nor starting with a lowercase “u”, if I remember right.

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Thank you for all your help, that worked !!

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