Fredo corner plugin not loading

Any other steps I should take to get this plugin to appear?
Also, where should it appear, when I’ve got in installed properly?


What do you mean it isn’t loading? What indication do you have of that?

It should show in Tools>Fredo6 Collection and there should be a toolbar.

Make sure you have installed the current version of LibFredo6 and you’ve restarted SketchUp after installing them.

You should read the initial post in this thread.

I followed that, but could only get as far as here to download Fredo 6 (which if you follow says “plugin not found”)

Where are you searching?

Why don’t you go to the SketchUcation PluginStore link at the top of the page and search for LibFredo6 instead of Fredo6?

I found the latest version and downloaded it.
Problem fixed Thanks Dave!