LibreFredo 6 extension not working

hello everyone, I hope you’re all fine during this situation. However i have stumbled upon a major problem and i’ve been trying to seek help for weeks now and can’t seem to get any help from the author of the plugin or of sort so if any if you could help me out, I would really really appreciate it as i really need to get a few things done and only that extension can save me .

the Librefredo 6 extension.

I’ve been on the sketchucation webpage on the forums and the respect author Fredo and a moderator TIG have been trying to help me, but it dosen’t seem to help. Below are the solutions I’ve tried and yet failed

  1. repair Sketchup by running the setup file as an adminitrator
  2. Reinstalled Sketchup
  3. right clicked on the plugin folder and went to security and made sure the permissions are ticked to
    I am also having Failed to Load RBZ file and i don’t know why. All other plugins seem to be working fine, it’s only that the Libfredo tools are the ones that I usually use for my project but without them I feel crippled.

If any one can help me in any way, Please do!.

Kind Regards

Fredo6 and TIG are two of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to extensions for SketchUp.

FWIW, one of your profiles is incorrect. Please update it. Here it says you are using 2017 and there, 2019.

The LibFredo6 extension doesn’t do anything on its own. It’s just a library of routines that most of his other extensions use. You have to install it to allow the others to work, but you can’t use it on its own.

Which one (or several) of his extensions that DO do something do you want to use?

Hello sir,

I am aware of that and i actually use Fredo scale and fredo push and pull mostly and round corners as well. but unfortunately i haven’t been able to use it since weeks now after i had to install the new version of Librefredo

This sounds like you didn’t install the extension properly. I suspect that you copied the .rbz file into the plugins folder rather than using the extension manager (or in this case the SketchUcation plugin store extension) to install it. That’s not the right way! A .rbz file is the zipped distribution form of an extension, it is not loadable.

Did you also re-install the extensions you want to have working, fresh from SketchUcation? Then restart SU.

And as Steve suggests, make sure you have opened Window/Extension Manager, and used the [Install extension] button to load the .rbz file(s) (one at a time) from your downloads folder.

Yes sir, I have done that. apparently according to what TIG told on the forums is that my system is or is being overly protected so i need to allow the file. I’ve done what he’'s told me by unblocking the file but for some reason i am still having an issue.

So i am actually waiting for a microsoft agent for a remote access as they know about my problem. Maybe they can somehow fix. So atleast it’ll be clear from their Side, and then I shall try again. Fingers crossed lets hope it works.

Thank you for your prompt response

Over at SketchUcation I noticed that there’s a ‘blocked file…’ warning on his RBZ properties > security dialog, and the associate ‘Unblock’ check-box was not ticked…
That seemed like probable cause resulting from over-zealous security settings… perhaps in Internet Options or a Firewall…
I’ve also given him a link to a web-site which lists various ways of fixing this issue…
However, these involve some understanding of the security-settings and/or how to run commands in the power-shell…

Hopefully this ‘Microsoft agent’ will be able to unclog his set-up !

Try disabling your security apps. You should only use one.

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Already tried that as well RLGL, still it didn’t help at all :frowning:

I am in the same situation, I renewed my SU2021 for an extra year.
All new extensions loaded are transfered in text.file and are not uploading in Sketchup. I even subscribed to the paid version of Skucation without success.
Librefredo6 didn’t transfer the 4 applications with charges.

I tried my previous version of SU2019/20 are both running with my paid Sketchucation.

Is there a solution for the SU2021version?

What is it you are actually saying? What “4 applications”? You need to install LibFredo6 and the extensions you want. Did you install the Sketchucation Extension Store tool? You’ll need it for license management for some of Fredo6’s extensions now that they are commercial extensions.

All of Fredo6’s extensions do work in SketchUp 2021.

Since I renewed my licence of SU2021, all my new extensions are saved in "Notes text files with " ".rbz "
I couldn’t find the SketchUcation extension in my SU21 license, I applied for a new version of paid SUcation membership. Same here it is loaded as text files.

So fredo6 extensions Spline, Corner, Portrait and Ghost are not applicable in SU21.

I tried SU19,20 licenses SUcation is updated on both old licences and Fredo6 all applications are running even VertexTools.
My temporary solution is modeling in SU19 or SU20 until solved case.

It sounds like you have a misunderstanding of how to deal with extensions.

First, each version of SketchUp installs as a stand alone program. You need to install the extensions you want and it’s best to get them fresh from their source. If you have been using the Sketchucation Store tool to install extensions from Sketchucation, such as those by Fredo6, you should install that one first. Click on this link, then Download Now. Pay attention to where it is getting saved. In SketchUp, go to Window>Extension Manager and click on Install Extension. Navigate to where you saved the downloaded file, selected it and click Open. After it installs you should be able to log into Sketchucation and then use the tool to install LibFredo6 and the extensions you want to add.

FredoSpline, FredoCorner, FredoPortrait and FredoGhost are all now commercial extensions. they have a short trial period but after that you will need to buy the licenses for them.

Vertex Tools would now be downloaded via Window>Extension Warehouse.