Lib Fredo 06 Error

When I opened up sketchup 2016 this morning I was given an error code. I noticed that all of my libfredo extensions were gone. So I re-installed libfredo 06 and then installed all of the extensions. It is working just fine now. Just wondering what happened so that I know what is going on if it happens again. It would be difficult and time consuming to do this every day.


How long has it been since you last updated LibFredo6? Did you install it fresh after installing SU2016 or did you copy it from an older version.

Fredo does periodically release updates to his extensions including LibFredo6 and you should check periodically to keep them up to date.

Thank you for the response. They werent kidding when they said that the sketchup forums are awesome.

So I had it installed from my last version 2015 and updated it when I installed 2016 pro. So it must have been just an update. I know this question was probably just a no brainer but just making sure that something else was going on.

Thanks again Dave.