Libfredo error

what cand I do for this error? please help me…

ping @Fredo6
You can also try to reach them on the sketchucation forum.

I assume you tried turning it off and on again, and checked for updates in the plugin, all that stuff ?

First thing is to upgrade to the latest versions of LibFredo6 and my other plugins.

i aready tried it… but it not works.

thanks. where can i get latest one?

If you’ve been using Fredo6’s extensions you should already have the Sketchucation Extension Store installed. Use it to update LibFredo6 and any of his extensions you have. Also make sure you have the latest version of the Sketchucation Extension Store installed.

Please correct your forum profile. SketchUp for Schools is web based and not capable of using extensions. And your operating system would be Windows, not “2023” as you put in your profile.