SketchUp Pro 2020 will not start due to license error

Anyone find a solution to 2020 falling to launch due to license error? I had been running 2016 just fine, downloaded 2020 and it will not run. I have active license and subscription.

I replied to the support case. I will come back and report what happens.

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Could guys tag anyone you know who is especially technically minded, especially about Windows 8.1?

This case is where 2019/2020 won’t start because of a license error, and for anyone that we can’t find a fix for we use a 2018 license to keep them going.

In Scott’s case 2016, 2017, and 2018, won’t install because they need a particular version of C++, and that version won’t install if there are later versions installed. The programs and features uninstall of the later versions fails with a 0x80070643 error. Running a .NET repair tool didn’t help.

Do any of you know how to manually remove C++ 2017 and 2015-2019 files? I am pretty expert at Google, and have not yet found anyone who describes how to do that. All guides make the assumption that Add or Remove programs will work, and for the pages that say what to do if it fails, they point to a Microsoft utility that checks the registry for problems. We ran that too.

My only suggestion would be a repair or reinstall of the OS as add and remove programs does not work. Or better yet upgrade to Win 10 if the hardware will allow it.

Uninstalling SketchUp 2020 worked fine. It’s just the C++ libraries that won’t uninstall.

Is he logged in a a normal user or the Admin account ?

He’s the only user, pretty sure he is admin. We did all tests with run as admin.

I mean THE built-in Admin account (which is normally hidden.)

I’ve never had anyone, admin or otherwise, who was not able to uninstall the C++ libraries.

Is there an answer to my question, about a manual way to remove the files?

Well my suggestion is going to be to try again in several ways.

Either activate the built-in admin account (there are blogs on the web telling how to do so,) … or … create a new temporary user account. (This eliminates the possibility that the current user’s account has become corrupted.)

Then try again with after a normal boot. If this fails, … reboot into Safe Mode and try again.
(Start > Run > msconfig)

Besides manually running the msi from "C:/Windows/Installer" the only thing I can think of would be to hunt down the install log in the User’s TEMP folder and compile a list of files that were installed from the log. (This might mean a reinstall of the particular runtime version just to generate a log file, if the original log was deleted.)

Some of these files may be service libraries that were copied into Windows system folders, and they may need to be unregistered before deleting.

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