Last version of sketchup 2020

I need to download the last version of SketchUp 2020. something happened and my copy will not open, I need it for my job. When I log into my Account I don’t see my product that own/paid for last year.
can some one help me


Go to You should be able to see and download SketchUp 2020 there.

Before doing a reinstall, try going into Add & Remove Program, look for the latest Visual C++ (it may say it is the 2015-2019 version), click on that, and choose the Repair option.

See if that also fixes SketchUp.

I’ve already downloaded and ran the sketchup, still same thing.
I am looking at settings/ App & Features page and I do not see it there.

did the repair and restarted my computer, and it works.

Thank you guys for all your help!

In apps & features you can search for C++, and see a short list of programs that match. You could search for c++ 2015 to get a shorter list, like this:

Click on that single entry in the list, and then the Modify option, then Repair.

edit: I see you got there while I was typing my answer!

Thanks again Colin,
Got it to work, see my reply above.