Sketchup Pro 2020- Unable to Start Free Trial

SketchUp Pro 2020 - Unable to start trial

SketchUp Pro 2019 - Unable to start trail

Account is signed in and active, all products are available, nothing has timed out nor should I be in eligible

same here. Sketchup 2021. Unable to start trial.

Same thing is happening for me right now, not sure what the heck is going on but I cant get the 2021 Sketchup pro trial to commence

same here, urgent as i need this to work for my project. wld appreciate if someone could help out

Trial’s are ment for evaluation purposes, not for commercial use.

I have recently installed Sketchup Pro 2021/2022, however I keep getting a log saying that Sketchup is unable to start the free trial. I would appreciate your help, or if there is anything I can do to resolve this issue.

Could you please assist with creating another classic license? I seem to be experiencing the same issue

i installed trial version 2022 but the same happend with me could you please help me with that ?

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Me too…

Is there something we can try?
Is different computer / hardware can help?

There were some entitlements issues earlier today. If you try again it hopefully will work.

Thanks, it is working now

Hi so I have downloaded sketchup pro for the free trail and when i try to open a new file it sends me this message

The first thing to try would be to download and install the latest driver for your graphics from the Intel website.

You also have a pending “half installed” update. Reboot is required.

Can you say exactly when the bugsplat happened? Was it while opening SketchUp, or when you started a new document?

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So since this issue with trial not working has been going on for 2 years, what is Sketchup doing to fix this? I see that you keep giving out temp classic license. I was going to try Sketchup for my company because it’s the more user friendly drafting software. I ran into the Trial issue that is talked about above, and am worried that maybe Sketchup isn’t for me since this issue that’s been going on for so long is still not fixed.

I am also having the exact same issue. Can someone please help?

It says I am a product admin and that a deleted user is the product owner. It won’t allow me to add the access to the products. I don’t understand how a deleted user I never created is the product owner. It shows no products under the user I actually created and it won’t let me click the checkboxes to add the product.