Sketchup Pro trial will not open

Nothing happens when I click “start trial”
Any known solutions?

Did you install correctly by right clicking on the download installer and choosing Run as administrator?

To be fair, right-clicking and choosing “Run as administrator” is not included in the official installation instructions for SketchUp.

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Maybe not but there are plenty of examples in this forum and elsewhere in which using Run as administrator repaired problems caused by not using it.

I am having the same issue and choosing to do the installation as you suggested also doesn’t work. Please suggest a solution. Thanks.

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Go to and sign in on the top right.
There, you can ‘Manage your subscriptions’
Do you see a trial product under ‘My products’ ?

On navigating there, I see “no products found” despite having activated the trial version. Please suggest how I could get the trial version running.

I have the same problem. keep saying can’t start the trail.

I uninstalled and did all those steps.
Does SU have support team?

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There is a major outage with the entitlement part:

@psaal @colin

Okay, so perhaps it is a problem from the server end. Perhaps trying after a day or two could resolve this issue. Thanks for sharing the outage info.

Yes, the entitlement part takes care of new entitlements (!), worst case scenario is that you loose some trial time…

Yes, we noticed that. I came to this post to let people know.

We have been told the issue is fixed, and a colleague tested the starting of a new trial, and it did work.