Sketchup won't open at all!

About a week ago, I tried to open sketch up, but absolutely nothing happens. It won’t open, it doesn’t try to open, and I’ve tried to run it as an administrator. I’m trying to find the phone number for technical support since I have a subscription for the pro license, but the phone number is nowhere to be found…The number is not even in the subscription confirmation email that I got, and that’s where it says I’m supposed to find the number in the customer support center.

Try downloading the current version of the installer from, right click on it and choose Run as administrator. Then, when given the option, choose Repair. Try opening SketchUp after that.

Just uninstall it from your computer. try to reinstall it with a different version and see.

Thank you! I uninstalled and reinstalled it, which got me up and running again.

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