Sketchup Pro 2020- Unable to Start Free Trial

It isn’t your end, there is a problem with the entitlements server.

Do you know when will this issue be fixed? In the meantime, is there any way you could povide a classic license until the problem is resolved?

Don’t know when it will be fixed. I’m checking into other options. Can you confirm that you are using SketchUp 2021 and not SketchUp 2012? I imagine that was a typo.

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2021

Perhaps you could fix that?
Screenshot - 3_9_2021 , 5_23_10 PM

If it’s truly urgent, please use the online free version of SketchUp. You shouldn’t have to start a new Pro trial every time you need to model something, especially since there’s no chance at all you’re using this for commercial work.

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We have been told the issue is fixed, and a colleague tested the starting of a new trial, and it did work.

Having the same problem with my trial of Sketchup Pro 2021 … I get the “launch browser” message, and them the page resolves to:

When you see that message, can you try editing the URL to change the part to be localhost instead? Like for your example it would become http://localhost:50957/signout

Hi Colin - thx for the idea, but changing to localhost returns “server not found” . Also tried moving the install fro my drawing tools folder to the main applications folder, that did bring up another URL featureing “accounts” but the same string … and there is no opportunity to select and change anything in htat string as it resolves quickly and is not repeated.

Thing is, can get in at all.

Other ideas?

You would need to do the change to localhost at the time you are trying to sign in. Trying to get there later won’t work.

You also could try copying the URL into a different browser, and see if that works.

The process I am using is:

  1. Launch Sketchup
  2. Welcome splash screen provides sign in button
  3. Click, and the instruction changes to a button to “launch browser again”
  4. Do so, and the “unable to connect to server” message recurrs, the URL is hard to capture as it resolves swiftly to the error message. Last captured was: and changing that to local host makes no difference …

Sorry if I’m missing a piece…

Does this works:

Go to
Check the ‘My Products’ section
Choose ‘View included apps’
Under a web application, choose ‘Launch’

Another option to try is to change the standard browser in the OS

HI Chris

I have the unable to start free trial message for Pro 2019. Could you let me know the workaround please? What is the cause?


I think that I am more often called Colin.

Was there a reason you needed to do a trial of 2019? The way the trial works is that you open the version you want to trial, and if you need to, you sign in. That then becomes your main trial version. During that 30 days you can try any version, 2019, 2020, 2021. If you have a reason to be using 2019, but have trouble starting a 2019 trial, you could try starting a 2020 or 2021 trial, then use 2019 instead.

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Problem fixed - I logged in from another computer, activated the trial then logged back into my original computer and was able to use the trial.

Hi… I applied for a free trial but after submitting the information the website requires (student/institute / so on) nothing happens. I am currently enrolled in an online education program in an institute located in the UK but I live in Saudi Arabia. Any ideas?

I downloaded sketchup pro 2021. I get the error of being unable to start free trial every time I try to load the program
Please assist. I am fine with just paying for the program. I used the 2019 version before. I just want the program to work please.


Same issue. Unable to start trail - try again later… in a few years maybe?