Sketchup Pro 2020, Bugsplat on startup

Yesterday I tried to use Sketchup and after I selected the icon on my desktop it just showed the bug splat dialog box. I selected to report the bug splat and included a description and my email. Before this happened I had previously used the software about two weeks earlier without any issues and for the past two years without issues. When it was working it was running on the same computer and same operating system, Windows 10.
After the issue I tried rebooting the computer, reinstalling sketchup, made sure the video card drivers are up to date. Since first having the issue with sketchup I tried opening Layout and Style builder and am having the same issue.

The most common reason for Bug Splats on startup is problems with the graphics drivers. With Windows it isn’t unusual to have a Windows update break the graphics drivers. Go to the Nvidia site to download and install their latest drivers for your card and then open the Nvidia control panel and make sure that card is set up to be used to display SketchUp.

How do I ‘make sure the card is set up to be used to display sketchup’?

You can check if it is in SketchUp by going to Window>Preferences>OpenGL and clicking on Graphics Card Details.

Also right click on an empty part of the Windows desktop and open the Nvidia control panel. Under Manage 3D Settings click on the Program Settings tab and make sure Trimble SketchUp shows in Select a program… Or add it if it doesn’t.