Sketchup pro 2018 started to bugsplat on startup


loosing my mind… pro has been working fine then suddenly wont start just splats. have been told in may be driver. i have updated both amd and intel. there dosent seem to be option anywhere to use one as a preference, i have reinstalled a few times, tried all sorts of thing nothing works. trimble help isnt helping, just asking me to do al the things i told them i had done… its been 2 months now i have been through the other topics, tryed other fixs, installed as admin, updated, lay on the floor kicking my legs, swearing untold times at the screen, NOTHING
I have also run the checkup program, it says everything is ok… well its NOT!!
does anyone have any ideas what i can do… thanks in advance


When you reinstall do you right click on the .exe file and choose run as administrator then select repair ?
Is this a recent installation? Hs windoze done any driver updates in the last few days?


hi thanks.
i upgraded to pro in july. it has been all fine.

went on it last month splated on startup, hasnt gone since, i thinking windows update???

i uninstalled and reinstalled this morning as admin. didnt see repair options,

checked drivers updated yesterday up to date.

amd radeon crimson and intel 520


The devil is in the details, of which you have provided us few to work with.
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Install Speccy if you’re not sure what you have.
Speccy is a free utility which gives you detailed information about the hardware in your computer.

The proper way is to select the installer’s exe file icon and right-click > context-menu > Run as administrator.

Installing it by double-clicking the exe icon or using the context-menu > Run will NOT install it properly and leads to all sorts of glitches and weirdness.

It does NOT matter that your user-account might have admin-powers, those are NOT equivalent to using ‘Run as administrator’.

You can rerun the installer [the proper way] to fix the current installation.

Close SketchUp and ‘Run as administrator’.
When prompted to ‘Repair’ agree.

This should then set up SketchUp properly.
Retest and see if that helps - it can do no harm…



I’d recommend free and unlimited ‘HWiNFO’.


any new plugins/extensions installed before crashes on launch started?

In the bugsplat application click on “View Report Details…” (see bottom), save the report and upload here (remove private data before doing this):


there are no report details. nothing comes up



thanks all for your suggestions
reloaded new radeon driver not updated… all working