SketchUp Pro 2018 Not Saving Configuration / EULA

I have installation of SketchUp Pro 2018 on Windows 7 Enterprise x64. I am a domain user and 2017 did not have the following problem.

When I load SketchUp, the EULA pops up every time, my toolbars do not save positions - whole workspace really, and the License Key for the add-on I am using doesn’t save either.

I have tried getting full access permissions for myself to the SketchUp folder in Program Files and nothing has changed.

Does the config file not save to this folder? If so, do I need to give folder permissions to another service of some kind?

  • Nathan

This sounds like an incorrect installation.
As apps get more complex there’s only one correct/foolproof way to install them.
You can “Repair” the installation as follows…

While logged into Windows as your normal user-account [if you also have some admin-powers that’s OK, but don’t use the separate ‘administrator’ account]
Ensure SketchUp is closed.
Find the relevant installer exe file - probably in your Downloads folder ?
Select its icon, right-click > context-menu > “Run as administrator”
When prompted choose “Repair” [for a brand new installation use “Install”]
When it completes restart SketchUp and see if that has helped…

Installing in any other way will cause all kinds of unpredictable weirdness - often involving folder/file permissions, and thereby the saving of settings etc…

Never double-click the installer’s exe file to ‘Run’ it - it is NOT the same even if you have some admin-powers…

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There has been a change of the location of the folders were these settings are saved, most of them reside in the (hidden) AppData folder of the User.
But as stated: you do need to install correctly.

Thanks for the suggestions guys! I will definitely try them out.