SketchUp Pro 2017 Windows 10 Not Responding


I’m sorry but I think the issue you have is related to autosaves and not with windows updates.

I’m having the same issues and they are happening almost only with the move tool.

When I’m using the move tool and an autosave kicks in, sketchup crashes. Fortunatelly the autosave works and I can start from that same moment.

You shouldn’t be experiencing windows crashing just because of the autosave otherwise my gut tells me your pc has just barely met the system requirements. Go into view and deselect profiles, shadows and edges and see if this makes any difference to the functioning of SU and if it still crashes I honestly cannot say what your dilemma is without seeing your actual SU model?

after looking at this screenshot and comparing it to the other one I will assume youve gone and uninstalled your Visual C ++
If this is the case you will have to go and reinstall these run time libraries again in order for SU to run at all!
At the same time its a long shot but check out this thread Sketchup Make 2017 - Installs but will not run - #7 by gsmartin

you may have an outdated driver on your video card?

Like I said install Advanced System Care
It will cost you £30 and within a week or 2 they will offer you the usually very expensive Driver Booster Pro for a very very competitive price and believe you me it is worth it! I kid you not all you ancient drivers will be found out and replaced with new ones.(even a new machine can have old drivers some times) Sometimes you have to spend a little money to save a little time! and I’m the last person to take that advice, a self made miser lol!

just do it you will defnitely not regret it! windows is a bit rubbish at looking after itself so you need some 3rd party programs to keep things ticking over nicely. I too have a brand new machine (less than 2 months old)and first thing I did was install these programs to protect my very expensive investment! ££££ laptop!

check out the thread though might be a good place to start if you are still hesitant about software.

Also Autocad is a beast of a program. Hogs 6GB of disc space and you never know - may even be conflicting with SU?

Or running silently updating stuff in the background (sorry but I will once again recommend ASC for sorting out back ground processes) windows can do this too but the new settings interface which isnt married very well with the old setting interface is a complete pig to get around whille ASC keeps everything in one neat window!

As you can see I cannot warrant it enough go and buy it right now!

(No I am not an employee of ASC I just love how great a programme it is!) and who knows maybe it will help your system not to crash??? worth a shot for £30 - £40 eh?Good Luck hope you get it sorted! :slight_smile:

Try it:

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