Sketchup Pro 2017 crashing at startup

How big is your hard drive? I ask because: if you haven’t filled it up, you can resize it in Disk Utility, creating a case-insensitive partition, then installing there and booting from it. PM me your email and I’ll ping someone to see if they can get you back to 2016 if that’s what you prefer.

the boot hd is 1tb (hd1), the data hd is 1tb (hd2), internal backup 1tb (hd3), alternative boot hd is 1tb (hd4),
memory: 16 Gb
video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB
cpu: 2 x 3.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon

It is the case sensitive hd that came when I bought the Mac from Apple years ago. I intend to reformat it to non-case sensitive. The 2016 Sketchup (trial) worked like a charm, if only the support team would send me an activation code for 2016 I could work. Don’t care for the 2017 until I reformatted the hd.

This is a boot hd I need for my own company’s accounting system, can’t work on the Mac it until the tax return is filed.

Best, Reto

Ah, I see - that probably came with Mac OS X Server on it, which would explain the case-sensitive FS.

I promise I will get rid of the case-sensitive boot hd, just need time until April 15th and than I can reformat the boot hd, I assume that will resolve the issue. What I don’t understand is why the 2016 trial version worked like a charm and 2017 intentionally ignores the case-sensitivity when it came to the file-architecture.
Best, Reto

@rrg, In SketchUp 2017 we re-wrote the rendering code, so, it is possible that the NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT memory (512MB) is the problem.

First of all … thanks for the support !

I think going back to the 2016 is the way to go for the time being, if I need to buy a new video card just to solve that issue I have to say the 2017 doesn’t add value to me. I feel you guys really made a lot of progress with 2017, I like Sketchup, but it is not backwards compatible if a 2016 version works and the 2017 hangs itself up on higher standards.

Depending on the ruby that loads (which was the cause of case-sensitive crash, because my case-sensitive system works when it’s disabled). As I said, with APFS coming, we will be looking at this.

Hey there! I’ve read all the above comments and I am having the same issue. I have a brand new mac book pro with tons of storage. I bought the laptop specifically for this project that i am working on with sketch up 2017 and i’ve got a project I can not open. Keeps crashing. I have tech support trying to help me for two days and no one knows what to do (great customer service for me by the way but i need a solution and fast. I’m losing my mind and possibly a job over this). I’ve just sent a request before i read this for a 2016 version as i need to get this done but after reading this thread it looks like it’s a pain and I was looking also to get my money back if this isn’t resolved. I’ve invested in not only the software but also expensive hardware based on the free trial version that worked flawlessly.

Barry what can be done. Can I get an older version? Will it open 2017 files and if not can i get support to open and downsave for me.

Thanks for your time

if the trial version of SketchUp Pro 2017 worked flawlessy this won’t change after a product activation because it’s always the same software… do other documents work?

I agree with @sketch3d_de. The only difference between the trial and the licensed pro version is the license turns off the trial timer. The software itself is identical.

Did you install any extensions? Some of them can cause crashes. Does SketchUp crash even for a new blank model, or only for that project? If the latter, it suggests there is a flaw in that project’s file. If the former there could be an issue with your template file.

slbaumgartner / lafioren, since I switched back to 2016 I have no issues. As Barry mentioned in a previous comment it is most likely the file structure. I have no issue anymore and wait until Apple rolls out APFS or I get my new Mac Pro next year. The graphics card could be an issue as I still use the original hardware on my Mac Pro (getting old). Since lafioren has a brand-new laptop it should not be an issue.

I have the same issue on case sensitive APFS. With disabled ruby Sketchup works fine. I tried different versions of ruby framework. I had been changing path to it using hex-editor and no luck. Do somebody have workaround to make it works with ruby? I need it because of v-ray. Change my boot disk to case insensitive is not the solution in my case because I’m web developer with low disk space