SketchUp Pro 2015 - pick color from image

Hello, I really enjoy and like SketchUp but I found it impossible to pick up color from image in SketchUp Pro 2015. Is this possible to pick color directly from image imported into project, take data of color and use it right away ? I couldnt google it and on official help site it was explanation for Layout. The funny part there wasnt even slight information that it was instruction for LayOut, so I had to found it myself. Again , I’m talking about SketchUp Pro 2015. not Layout. Thanks in advance

Go to the paint bucket, make sure you have a colour selected, them go to edit and use the eyedropper from there. One is for selecting from within the model and the other will select from anywhere on the screen.

If you imported an image as an “Image”, you will need to explode it before you can use the eyedropper. Keep in mind that the dropper will grab the whole image and use it as a texture to paint with.

Not if you use the Match colour on Screen dropper.

I can’t get that to work with an imported image unless I explode it first and then pick the image. Until then the Edit dropper is grayed out. The first image below won’t let me use the dropper, the second is after I exploded the image and then selected it. Then I could use the Edit dropper to pick a screen color. Maybe this is something to do with Make versus Pro?

Is this in an otherwise empty model? Add another face with a colour and edit that colour.

Jim, unless you load a material that’s in the In-Model collection (house icon), all the controls on the entire dialog are grayed out.

In order to activate the Edit Material dialog, you must select a material from the In-Model collection, which is to say, a material that’s already been used in the model. Either that, or use the library material already loaded somewhere on the model, whereupon you will have an In-Model version to edit.

Presumably this system is intended to protect the materials on disk from being overwritten.


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Yes, I started with an empty model. As you’ve indicated, something needs to have a texture applied before you can edit it. Hence having to explode the image which makes it a texture. I get it now. Thanks :slight_smile:

Okey, thanks for help all You guys. It works for me, I’m so happy that I wont have to use external programs. It will save lot of time. :grinning: