Color Picker from Image

Hey! I was just curious if there was any type of color picker tool such as the eye dropper tool in Photoshop to pick and choose a specific colored pixel from an imported image?

Yes there is. Add a color to the model, go to In Model, select the color and go to the Edit tab. Click on the icon with the eye dropper on the monitor. Sample the color as desired. This works for sampling images outside the model window, too.


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Beautiful, just what I was looking for! Thanks Dave!

If you go to you can extract themes from one of your favorite images, or paintings…

Sample and create!

the free multi-purpose color picker ColorCop f. Windows is always a mention worth:

Yes. There are all sorts of stand alone color pickers available and they can be useful however for doing what the OP asked, it’s kind of hard to beat the built in tool.

Here’s another one.


For those on Mac, the UI is different but the capability is there. On my phone now so I can’t show a gif.


maybe, have some better images ready…


There in the dewault folder? :smiley:

I always use the built in tool on Windows, Mac has its own pixel picker for that purpose.

The title of the thread is ‘Color Picker from image’.
I always get a ‘mood’ when looking at a picture. Adobe’s algoritme that extracts combination (Themes) of colors is a great way to explore them.
LayOut has the same colorpick option (and some color combi’s in the scrapbooks)
Ideal for making moodboards…