Sketchup Plane related issue

Hi…im an architecture student and im using Sketchup Pro 2014. I have worked my 2D drawings in Autocad Architecture 2018 and now i want to import the plan to Sketcup 2014 for modelling.
I have brought the plan into sketchup 2014 but the planes are not being made properly.The planes are not made possible everywhere and when diagonally a line is drawn planes are made and when that line is erased the plane disappears.Can i get a proper help???

Post your model if you can. Did you use standard drawing tools to draw your plan in AutoCad? What you describe would fit best to describe what happens with a sloppily drawn line drawing, with the endpoints of lines not on the same plane.

What you can do is forget about using the imported linework directly. Put it in a group and place that somewhat above your intended floor plane. Draw a big rectangle larger than your floorplan. Start drawing lines, rectangles, circles etc. with the “on face” inference locked (hold Shift), clicking on points in your linework.

This is the Sketchup file which i have imported from Autocad Architecture 2018
And when i zoom in to make faces the model disappears after a point
Can anyone help me with the issueRoads.skp (10.5 MB)

I have checked in auto cad and had flatten the lines as well and I have then imported by setting the drawing on X-0,Y-0,Z-0 planes respectively
It is not happening
And may I know is there any easy was for making faces for large scale drawings???

Your file has a bunch of components somewhere far away from the actual site. Deleting them makes the clipping much less and the zooming in and out easier.
Most of the closed forms fill quite OK just by re-tracing a line segment. Note that almost all the lines are double.

Those are not double lines…those lines are landscape kerb wall thickness

By retracing the faces are not created at many places
So what’s the solution for it

Seems to me that as the edges are completed, the spaces are filled in. It is common working directly on CAD import to have to add “diagonals” and then the faces remain after erasing these. These are small inaccuracies with SketchUp dealing with 2d imports. I drew in missing edges and I did some “diagonals” and erased them in this instance and it works. But your drawing is missing so many edges. Why is that? You need closed loops to form faces.

But can you try it out in the place were I have created plane near the driveway
It’s not happening

And is there any easy of making faces easily for large scale projects?
And I have tried installing make faced plugin…it gets installed but it does not work well
So can I get help regarding it as well?

No, I don’t think so. Besides you need closed loops to get faces. When you have better closed areas Using ThomThoms plan tools may help. Work on a smaller parts at time.

These islands? They work OK for me in tracing over.

So there is not solution for making faces easily?

If there’s a problem with the inaccuracy of “flatness”

  1. You can take parallel projection standard “top” view. export a 3d dwg and import in SU again. Sometimes helps.
  2. You can use Sandbox “drape” command to drape the the plan onto a face. That makes a lot of the faces in this model.

But if you are just trying to get the few closed faces you have here, it shouldn’t take long. Most of them seem to work with tracing over. On the other hand the rest of the drawing is useless for making faces because there so few closed loops of edges.

Okay i ll try them out
Thanks for your help

I exported the edges to 2d CAD and re- imported and got all these faces (104) by drawing a rectangle in the plane of the edges (the ground plane it seems), select all edges and the face, then use contextual menu: “intersect faces/ with selection”. Makes me think the original dwg file import is very slightly not flat.

Still when I did this the curbs did not all separate out until traced over

These are typical problems in this process. Sometimes you get lucky with a very clean (and flat) import.

By the way Addfaces is pretty good but doesn’t work well on this model for me either.

Okay sure
I ll check out them in cad file

Don’t know if my one is any better than pbacot’s one, but you may as well have it. SketchUp had a duplicate component ID to fix, and an extension I use to repair the far away geometry fixed a lot of things. Then I use Eneroth Face Creator to do the face filling.

Roads.skp (12.0 MB)

Nice one…Can i get to know what have you done for which the output has come out well
And thanks alot

And does eneroth face creator works for free??

Yes, and should work in SketchUp 2014: