Importing from Autocad diagonal planes

When I import a 3D model from Autocad, SketchUp is adding additional planes across what should be open apertures. Does anyone have any idea why I’m getting those?

Can you share the AutoCAD file and the SketchUp file so we can see what you are getting?

If you get a model consisting of triangles instead of faces with more edges, you could try checking the “Delete coplanar edges” box in your DWG/DXF import options.

Another possibility is that your imported model is very, very far from the SketchUp model origin point, and what you see is 3D artifacts caused by this.

As Dave says, share your DWG and SketchUp files. Otherwise we can only guess.

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Thank you Anssi. The coplanar edge has sorted things. Much appreciated!

sketch up.skp (639.3 KB)
Bath Road outline design 3D white.dwg (1.4 MB)
Could I ask another question?
I’ve uploaded the auto cad model and also the sketch up model.
Whilst your coplanar suggestion has solved the problem with the diagonal planes on the new building (on the left of the model as viewed), I’m also getting an issue with sketch up losing some of the faces of the existing building around cornices and window surrounds. This is modelled as a 3D solid in auto cad, but some into sketch up missing some outer faces. Can you give me any suggestions there please?
Thanks again.

My last post seems to have scrambled.
Could I ask another question please?
I’m also losing some planes from my model as it transfers from auto cad to sketch up - around the existing building on the right of the model; window surrounds and cornices. These are built as 3D solids in auto cad. Do you have any suggestions here?
Thank you,

Bath Road outline design 3D white.dwg (1.4 MB)
sketch up.skp (639.3 KB)