3D Floor Plan Issues

I’m having issues getting a 3D floor plan to work in Pro 2014. I imported a CAD file, for the most part used rectangles to trace the rooms but had to use some lines, and I’ve redrawn it probably five times. But, every time it’s acts as if there are lines not connecting because most of the floor plan is a single solid. Parts of it are fine but most of it are not. Any ideas?POS.skp (112.8 KB)

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It’s always better to send the skp file with your post to help other users to help you. That being said, usually cad files are mported into SketchUp with lots of layers, some may be turned off, some may be frozen or in different states of appearance. This could have a significant impact on the way the file appears in SketchUp (SU).

Once the file is imported into SU, delete all of the layers except Layer 0. When the program asks how you wish to handle the entities on the deleted layers, assign everything to the default layer (Layer 0). Place elements into logical groups and assign those groups to specific layers. Now you can edit the file to appear as you want it.

Thank you for the reply. I did follow that process. I have attached the file to the OP to check out if you’d like.

POS modified.skp (193.7 KB)

I unlocked your file, exploded it and then simply overlaid it with the rectangle tool. I had to do this several times in some areas, but the plan now responds to the line tool for closing faces and the push pull tool is effective on your wall faces. . You only need to edit it to make sure that there are no line overlaps where you don’t want them.

It’s really just a matter of finding where the bad edges are and fixing them.
By turning on endpoints you can spot clusters and that shows you need to check that area.

SketchUp will automatically create a Face provided the Edges that bound it meet the following conditions:
• The Edges form a closed loop.
• All the Edges are coplanar.
• No stray Edges, coplanar with the closed loop, project inside the loop.
• The Edges are not too short, say, < 0.002" in length.

Your imported CAD file is rife with drafting errors which preclude individual face formation.
Here, the errors are identified using the plugin referenced below:

Stray Lines … Labeled and Selected

Gaps and Overruns at Stairway(s)

This plugin by Todd Burch will find most of errors. As for the crooked lines … not.
(Notice his other CAD cleanup plugins at the bottom of the page.)
StrayLines v.1.000 by Todd Burch — Smustard.com

Thank you very much for the tip “Box”. One question though, how did you know the last line in your video needed to be redrawn? Thank you as well Geo, that’s a great extension!

It was a guess, often removing a tiny edge like that leaves a tiny gap, so it was easiest to try and see. Got lucky on that one.

Here’s another way without having to trace, Thomthoms edge tools and any of the various face creator plugins.

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Is that using the CAD file I imported and just closing the gaps? That would be greatness!!


That is awesome. Thank you very much for the tips! I’ll check those out and give it a try.