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No. When you create a group you are not prompted to give it a name as when you create components. You could make components of each plan or you could select the group after creating it and name it in Entity Info.

Assuming those groups/components are in the same SketchUp model file, you only send to LO once. Then you copy the resulting viewport in LayOut to make the additional viewports. You can change the viewport to show a different scene using the Scene drop down in the SketchUp Model panel or by right clicking on the viewport and then selecting Scenes in the Context menu.

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Dave, I have now created a scene for each floor plan in the model and selected the scenes for each viewport in LO.

If you wouldn’t mind I have another question about adding a title block to show on each viewport page.
I tried creating one on the main model in SU but unfortunately it is then outside of the range I have selected to create the scenes, could you suggest the correct way to do it ?

Title block content and other things like page borders, page numbers, and text should be created in LayOut. The lines would be created using LayOut’s drawing tools.

Create a couple of layers for the title block. Since some of the title block stuff will be the same on every page, make that a shared layer. Make the other layer unshared. Here’s a Layers list from one of my LayOut templates. The bottom three are related to the title block and page borders. The icons in the very right column indicate that the last two are shared while Other Title Text is not shared. Content on those last two layers shows up on every page while stuff on the Other Title Text layer is unique to the page it is put on.
Screenshot - 8_27_2020 , 7_34_32 AM

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Many thanks David.

You’re quite welcome.

I thought I would add the following. Below is a screen shot showing the title block for the template I was referring to, above. The things shown with the maroon bounding is on the shared layers. The text boxes with blue bounding are on the unshared layer.

The cyan lines are the fold lines which I added so I know where not to put important information.

Thanks for adding a screen shot, being able to see it makes easier to understand how one should look, using the small squared graph paper seems a good choice ?

I use the grid in the templates because it helps with visual arrangement of the content. With most of my templates the grid is set to not print, though.

Oic, that makes perfect sense, I will try now to create one and maybe post a screen shot later, but might take me a while.

Dave i am unclear about how layers work in general, i copied a new layer and drew a line around the edge to make the border but when i click the eyeball for the new layer it blocks out the default layer ?

What do you mean you copied a new layer? Do you mean you created a new layer?

Does the rectangle you drew have Fill turned on? Select it and look at Shape Style.

How about uploading the LO file so we can see what you’ve got?

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Sorry, yes i mean created by clicking on the plus sign in layers tray.

I would like to to put a title block in the bottom right of the page also.

A screen shot really doesn’t help much but move the layer for your title block to the bottom of the list so that the title block entities are underneath your layer for the SketchUp viewports.

Brilliant, it works fine now, again very grateful to you David, I had been stuck on this for couple of hours. It makes obvious sense now that they have to be in an orderly list for them to show correctly.

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Title Border.layout (5.0 MB)

I cant find where to check if fill should be turned on or off

Select the shape and look at Shape Style. The blue Fill button indicates there’s fill.

I would like to thicken up the border and choose a color but cant work out how to do it, also i was wondering if is normal to have plain white back ground ? I am hoping to send it to my local council as a basic floor plan.

You can make the border thicker by changing the Stroke width in Shape Style. Change the color by clicking on the black rectangle to the right of Stroke.

Typically I expect they would want to see at least page borders and text in black. I’d reserve color for representing things in the drawing itself like what might be existing and what is to be removed and so on.

You should probably find someone fairly local to give you some guidance on what the council will want to see. No point in sending them something they’ll refuse to look at.

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Floor plan.layout (5.0 MB)

Yes I’m sure you are right,

Here’s a quick template for you. Maybe it will work for what you need. If you open it in LO and choose Save as template, you can then send to LayOut from SketchUp, select the template and go on with your project.
Template for RO.layout (13.1 KB)

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Thanks very much David, it does the job perfectly.

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