Sketchup paint bucket

When I use the paint bucket or some call it materials, for example when I use the bricks on a surface, the surface paint does not look like bricks but it is just blurry. I am new to sketchup so please someone help me. In my work below, I used wood for beams but it just looked like plain brown color. The walls and roof of the house also looked nothing like bricks. Please help me!
Screenshot (152)|690x387

Did you model on a real scale 1: 1? (From the image, more than likely not, it can be seen especially from the proportions of the elements.)

Also, start here to learn the basics of SketchUp

hello im still new and i dont understand what “real scale 1:1” is because in this task, we are simply tasked to copy what our teacher did. Anyway, I was able to fix it just right now by changing the width and height of the material, it turns out that the material is too large. Maybe it is because our teacher asked us to make the house 5x5 only that’s quite small i think

If 5x5 represents some dimensions of the imperial system and you say that they are small, then it is clear why the textures do not appear as you would like them to be created correctly, on a 1: 1 scale (real life house dimensions, except a toy house). This means that a brick that actually has a size of 25 cm, in the 3D model the texture will have the same size.


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