Sketchup page just went blank

Hi there,

Please can somebody assist. I have to present this work tomorrow to a client and 5 days worth of work just went blank. I was downloading an image form the 3d warehouse and suddenly the scene went blank, I can only see the toolbar, can click right and see all but the model I was working on is just gone, I can see no axes and if I try drawing something it just gives the point. I tried zooming, nothing is happening. Please can somebody tell me what happend? I am devastated, pls don’t tell me I should have saved…

What was the “image” you imported? I assume it was a component from the 3D Warehouse? It’s possible that it created some problem or it with a combination of your model. Have you examined the Outliner? Are your groups and components still shown? Is the thing you imported from the 3D Warehouse shown? If it’s there, select it and delete it. Then use Zoom Extents. Does your model show up?

I won’t tell you that you should have saved the file since you already know that you should. If you discover that your model has been corrupted and is no longer usable, you’ll likely need to start again.

Next time you use anything from the 3D Warehouse, download it into a blank SketchUp session, not directly into you model. This will give you an opportunity to examine it before committing it to your model.

…or click on the model thumbnail to get a 3D view of it at the minimum.

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