Sketchup out of memory


I’ve a workstation with the follow configuration:

  • Intel Core i7 3930K 3.2GHz

  • 32GB RAM

  • 128GB SSD

  • NVidia GeForce 1080GTX

  • Windows 10 64-bit

  • Sketchup 2017

From time to time, I’m getting a warning dialog saying “Out of memory”. Then I’ve ran the Sketchup 2017 Checkup, and I’m getting the follow error “Your GeForce GTX1080 PCIe/SSE2 graphics card has 1MB of graphics card memory. Sketchup requires a graphics card that has 256MB or more of memory”

I’m assuming that might be the reason from time to time I’m getting the “Out of Memory” issues.

Any ideas?


Ignore this, it is not the case, and irrelevant. It’s due to a bug in the Microsoft routine that Checkup uses. For further details, search the forum for something like ‘checkup 1MB’.

How big is your model? Could it genuinely BE out of memory?

The file is around 303MB, do you need anything else?

That’s a very big file for SU and most machines will struggle with it, if I understand correctly.

I’m working on one that is around 250MB, with about 14 million edges and tens of thousand component instances, and while I haven’t had out of memory errors (I use an i5 iMac Retina 27" with 24GB memory), if there are a lot of layers turned on, everything slows to a crawl, inferences take ages to appear, and generally, it can overwhelm the machine.

SU might just genuinely be ‘out of memory’ but that’s a guess on my part.

Maybe someone more techie than I am might be able to advise you better.

Have your regularly used Model Info/Statistics/Purge unused? If not, try that, or other techniques to reduce your model size.

If you have imported a lot of 3D warehouse models, be aware they can be colossally over detailed. See this thread for suggestions - I got the edge count down by millions, just by redrawing or simplifying models before using them in the main big model:

Is there anything for me to do? Because if I am not wrong I don’t think I had this issue on 2016.

Same model? I would have thought SU2017 would be better, rather than worse, on very large models. But I’m getting out of my depth here - sorry. I just wanted to let you know that the ‘1MB graphics memory’ message is just plain wrong, and due to a MS bug.

Same model, same computer. I’ll give a shot again and update here. Thanks for the clarification regarding the MS bug, at least I can release that from my mind :slight_smile:

Any plugins, especially rendering plugins?

Have you tried opening the Windows task manager to see how much memory is being used by all the running processes? If other things are using a lot of memory, that will make SketchUp run out sooner. Also extensions (especially renderers) may increase the amount of memory SketchUp needs.

I do have VRAY installed but it not in use at the moment of the warning. Another thing is that I was using 5 minutes ago and didn’t have many things on it when suddenly the Out of memory shows up, and I lost everything because didn’t save!

I checked the memory it was pretty slow 4GB used of 32GB available.

I’m still believing that after replace the Video card to GTX 1080 is causing this because Sketchup doesn’t recognize it.


Does anyone face issues like this? I’m getting issues are happening more and more often!

Check that you are running the latest version of VRAY. Some older ones were notorious for these memory leaks. Also, some versions of 3D Connexion drivers for their 3D mouses have caused problems, but that might have been on the Mac.

I’m running the latest VRAY version. And can’t handle that much problems in a single application, every day keeps popping out memory errors, and crashing! Is there a date to Sketchup fix it?

I don’t know, does V-Ray has a date to fix their errors ?

So, are you saying VRAY is the root cause?

Vray has been the root of many errors.

Let’s find out : Disable V-Ray in your extension manager. Run some tests with a model that had problems with memory usage. If you don’t encounter problems, it is most likely that the V-Ray extensionis the culprit.


Fair enough, I’ll disable VRAY today and see how things goes, and update you by the end of the day.

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